MATTEO MARTINUZZI - Executive & Leadership Coach

I stay side by side, support and guide leaders in training their skills and developing new ones, in revising their leadership style and in dealing with the uncertainties and complexities of the business world. Our job creates the opportunity for entrepreneurs, managers and professionals to achieve greater clarity, focus, impact and thus professional results.   

My personal evolution and transformation together with my passion for the mind has led me to explore and study in deep the world of emotions, human change, interpersonal communication and communication applied to change. Therefore, I lived for 10 years the world of disability as a tutor and senior tutor ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) working with autistic subjects while enriching myself from a human and professional point. Empathy, firmness, deep knowledge of the human change and connection skills are some of the abilities that this experience has allowed me to develop. A new working phase started in 2014 when I became an Ericksonian Orientation Coach at the Milton Erickson Institute in Turin.  

In fact, I join the Blink Communication Workshop, contributing to its growth, the development of communication change projects and the supervision of processes in the context of entrepreneurial and professional training courses as an emotional facilitator. In the meantime, I continue my training at the Faculty of Psychology of Milan Bicocca and then with targeted seminars and workshops.

Aware of the importance of leadership and the related need for literacy at all levels, I decide to found Summus Performing in 2020. A new chapter in my history begins in which I cross national borders. New courses and new certifications with some of the coaching pioneers, international clientele and a multicultural network of professionals allow me to reconnect to my origins, to continue my growth path and expand the impact of my work.

I am married to a fantastic person, Lucia, who has chosen me and who supports and bears me all the time. I am father of a beautiful little girl, Marisol, and being a coach is giving me the opportunity to enjoy this wonderful experience despite all the uncertainties and challenges it entails. We have chosen to live in Cameri (Novara) for its tranquility, for the possibility of being in direct contact with nature and for the vicinity to Novara, Milan and Malpensa airport. I love mountain biking, mountain walking, reading, enjoying good food, cooking, traveling, dancing (badly) and being with the people I love. I alternate moments of experimentations and dynamism with moments of peaceful calmness and reflection. 

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