My working philosophy is based on 4 pillars 


Regardless of the achievements already archived, each person has the skills to further improve


Empathy and connection with people and only one passion: their success


Know how to lead oneself and know how to lead others is the foundation stone for every long-lasting business.  


Diversity and inclusion are the wealth (treasure) and the strength for the results and innovation of the future.

What I believe in 

  • In an approach based on science, research and results. For this reason, I keep training, studying and comparing myself with national and foreign professionals.
  • In transparency. From the beginning my clients know what I expect from them and what to expect from me.
  • In specialization. Therefore, I deal with leadership and leave aside the classic generalist approach.
  • In collaboration. In order to create synergies that can provide customers an ever-higher quality service.
  • In experimentation. This is why I am always open to new projects.
  • In flexibility. I have been working with my clients both face-to-face and remotely according to their requests and needs.