As an executive coach I work with managers of Italian and foreign companies and their teams.

Some of the most common requests are:
•The development of a leadership suitable to current and future needs;
•Productivity, time management and private life-work balance;
•The ability to grow and learn quickly;
•The ability to manage old and new teams;
•The ability to make team members grow: the manager as a coach;
•Updating one’s “operating system”: making decisions, blind spots, cognitive bias, systemic thinking;
•Managing stress, pressure or anxiety.

As a leadership coach I work with entrepreneurs (SMEs) and professionals (professional firms) and their contributors or staff.

In this context some of the most requested jobs services are:
•Define and clarify the direction and the purpose of one’s own reality;
•Bringing together productivity, results and the desire to enjoy one’s private life;
•Manage uncertainty, concerns and stress;
•To update or develop one’s leadership skills to better manage employees, collaborator or staff;
•To bolster or create an environment that combines performance and well-being.
•To grow future associates, partners or important elements of one’s own reality.
•To evolve one’s way of thinking to be ready for the future. 

Individual Coaching 

Coaching courses for managers, entrepreneurs and professionals 

 Courses structured on your needs with the aim of identifying and satisfying your most current needs and be prepared for future challenges. With a tested process that integrates a vision from the future to the present and from the outside to the inside, we will be working together to achieve visible and profound changes with immediate and long-lasting results. 

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Paths for the team and its leader. 

The team is the beating heart of any working reality. High performances are no longer enough. Present and future are linked together to the value created by the team. After assessing and diagnosing the needs, it will be possible to start team paths (courses) with the aim of creating real value for the outside world and strengthening relationships, identities, strengths and growth of both individuals and team.  

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Training and facilitation

Keep up-to-date and trained skills of your associates and your staff. 

The continuity of results and performance depends as much on technical skills as on the ability to use them and use oneself.  Starting from the real needs of the world of work, training courses are organized for your company or your professional firm.
In addition to the “Personal energy management” and “M.A.R.E. Framework” courses, flagships and exclusively provided by Summus Performing, it is possible to request ad hoc interventions according to your needs. 

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